Skin Diseases

Acne (Pimples)

What is acne vulgaris?

Acne or more commonly known as pimples is the most troublesome skin problem of young age. It is most commonly seen in the age range of 12-32 years. Acne is caused due to inflammation of sebaceous glands (oil glands). Various forms of acne include black heads, white heads, comedonal acne (small skin colored grain like lesion), and more severe cystic and nodular forms.

What is the cause of acne?

Acne mainly occur in the people with oily skin. Over activity of oil glands under the influence of young age hormones is the main cause. In addition, some environmental and life-style factors like faulty dietary habits (excessive intake of fatty products, fried foods or sweets), stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease and an overuse of various cosmetic products can also cause Acne.

Should I take treatment for acne?

Most of us are confused whether to take treatment for Acne or not. Most common reason for this confusion is our elders and friends. According to them “yeh to aise hi hota hai ,iska koi ilaaz nahi hai (it cannot be treated)” . But this is a myth, Acne can very well be treated. Instead one should consult the doctor at the earliest so that we can prevent black spots and ugly scars. Remember good face is most important for our looks and confidence.
One other important thing to remember is that you must not use any medicine or other products over face without doctor’s advice otherwise you can have bad results.

What is the treatment for acne?

Treatment varies from person to person as every person’s skin type and requirement is different. Most of the cases can be treated with medicines only. However if required combination of medical therapies, chemical peel, microneedling dermaroller technique, i-Pixel Er:YAG laser procedures are available with us as per patient’s need.

Why should I come to Jaipur Skincity to treat my Acne?

We have experience of successfully treating more than 15000 acne patients. At JSC a customized treatment plan is chalked out as per the patient’s requirements. Just come to us to feel the difference. Those patients who are having severe Acne or are not satisfied by treatment at other center should visit us at least once.

White Patch (Vitiligo)

What is vitiligo?

White patch or vitiligo is caused due to destruction of pigment forming cells. It can occur at any age.

What is the cause for vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder. Exact cause is yet unknown. Various possible factors include genetic, stress, positive family history and low intake of antioxidants. An association with thyroid disease has been reported.

What is the treatment for vitiligo?

Treatment varies from person to person. At JSC both medical as well as surgical facilities are available to treat the vitiligo. Surgery is an option for patients where medicines are not effective.

Does it spread from one person to another?

This is a myth. It does not spread from one person to another. Instead person with vitiligo is similar to other persons in all respects and should not be regarded as social stigma.

What is the treatment for vitiligo?

Treatment varies from person to person.Following treatment options are avilable at Jaipur Skincity

  • Only Medicines–oral and applications.
  • Light treatment – EXCIMER light, PUVA,
  • Surgical – skin grafting (Blister grafting)
  • Combination therapy – combination of above regim as per patient requirements.

What is EXCIMER SYSTEM therapy?

This is relatively new form of treatment which has shown really good results. In this therapy the specific monochromatic 308-nm radiation wavelength is delivered in a targeted form by the source.This has shown efficacy superior to NB-UVB for the treatment of vitiligo and induces more changes at the cellular level than conventional UVB modalities.

How it works?

Excimer light therapy is currently among the best ,and most efficient treatment option for people with ‘active’ vitiligo. This light decreses the activity of immune system thus help in controlling the diseases. It may also have the effect of ‘stimulating’ melanocytes to re-pigment the skin.

How this treatment is given?

The therapy is given twice weekly for 24 weeks.The excimer system is effective in adults and children with vitiligo in all skin types as monotherapy or in combination topical corticosteroids and oral vitamin E.

Is it painful?

Most patients feel no pain or discomfort during the treatment. A few report feeling a warm sensation at the site of lesion. No anesthesia is required.

What are the advantage of excimer light therapy?

  • Painless
  • Targated treatment of the lesion is given (instead of other UV therapy where exposure of larger area is there) thus there is no risk of damge of
  • healthy skin.
  • Most effective, convinient ,currently one of the best avialble treatment.
  • Cost efective

Who is a candidate?

All skin types.

308 excimer laser treatment is suitable for which people groups?

  1. The early vitiligo patients
  2. Segmental type vitiligo, usual type vitiligo, hair follicle type vitiligo, local type vitiligo and etc.
  3. Patients who are troubled by vitiligo for long time.
  4. Patients whose vitiligo repeated attack.
  5. Vitiligo children patients

What is the Recovery time?

Usually none.Treated area may remain pink for some time.

What are the side effects?

The specific risks and suitability of these procedure for an individual can be determined only at the time of counsultation. Minor complication that do not affect the outcome may occur occasionally. Blistering, change of pigmentation may occur in some patients. long term side effects are yet to be determined.

Why choose Jaipur Skincity for the treatment?

  • Affordable Prices
  • Conveniently Located Clinic in Jaipur and availability
  • Most Advanced Technology
  • Treatment is comfortable and cost effective.
  • Experienced Technical staff.


What is eczema?

Eczema is a form of skin allergy. Various causes include soaps and detergents, dust, plants, grain husk, lack of moisture and stress.

What are the common sites for eczema?

Common sites are exposed body parts including hands, arms, neck and feet. Although eczema can affect any body part.

What is the treatment for eczema?

Avoidance of precipitating factors is the most important factor in treating eczema. Moisturization of affected parts is also important. If it persist or increases consult your doctor.

Black Spots & Pigmentation

What is the cause for black spots?

Sunlight, hormones, pinching of acne lesion and use of wrong medicines are among most common causes for black spots.

What is the treatment for black spots?

Most cases can be cured with medicine. In some cases chemical peel or nd:yag laser can be used. Strict sun avoidance is must.

Childhood Skin Disorders

Most common skin disorders in childhood include atopic dermatitis, bacterial infections, scabies, birth marks,P.alba (white patches over face). A baby’s skin is different than adult skin. Remember not to use any medicine on child’s skin without consulting your doctor. Any skin disease in children should be rapidly treated to prevent long term consequences of disease.


What is psoriasis?

A chronic skin disease characterized by thick skin lesions with white scales over it. Most commonly affected areas include scalp, elbow, knee and back. Although any skin part can be affected.

What is the treatment for psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be very well controlled with the medicines. Most of the patient of psoriasis are frustrated as they don’t understand the long standing nature of disease. At Jaipur Skincity we prepare a detailed plan of treatment according to each individual’s need. Your disease, its nature, treatment and various aspect of disease will be explained to you in detail by doctor so that you understand your disease very well and feel satisfied. Those who are disturbed with their disease should visit our centre at least once to know the various facts of this disease and its treatment.

Does its spread from one person to another?


What are long term effects of psoriasis?

Arthritis (jointpain), liver disease,obesity, heart problems.

Nail Problems

Healthy nails reflect healthy body.Most common nail disorders include onycomycosis (fungal infection of nails), onychodysrophy (distorted nails), and brittle nails (thin easily breakable nails) and in-growing nail leading to pain and swelling. Most of the persons ignore their nail disease which can result in permanently damaged nails leading to constant shame and social disadvantage. It is advised that one should consult at the first sign of nail disease to avoid permanent damage.

Sexual Diseases

Patients with sexual diseases are usually not able to share their problem with anybody because of shame and lack of knowledge about their disease. This can lead to dangerous consequences. Whatever may be the problem it’s advisable to consult the doctor at the earliest so that you can enjoy your life and prevent frustration associated with sexual diseases.

A very bad experience shared by most of our patients is that they consulted at some centre and ended with loss of lot of money. As patient do not share about their sexual disease with other people, few centres rob people taking advantage of their shame. Before going for any investigation or treatment for sexual disease we advise you to schedule a consultation with us to know real facts about disease. Our motto is to provide correct knowledge and best guidance to the patients who feel helpless about their disease.

Other Skin Diseases

We are specialized in treating common as well as rare skin diseases. Various other skin diseases including fungal infections, urticarial,scabies, generalized itching, rosacea, drug reactions, pemphigus, disease of the mouth, birth marks, skin cancers are treated at our center. We have got world class facility for diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases. We also have tie-ups with various national and international centres to provide our patients with most up-to-date treatment.