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“Hand over your skin and hair problems to the best doctors!”

About Dermatologist Dr. Sachin Sharda-Director, Jaipur Skincity

Dr. Sachin Sharda is the most popular and best dermatologist in Jaipur and the founder and director of Jaipur skin city. He has done more than 3000 hair transplants and one lac laser treatments. He is a professional dermatologist and skin specialist who has served the society for many years.

Dr. Sachin Sharda is a renowned skin specialist trichologist, and also, he is a member of the Indian association of dermatologists, venereologists & leprologists.

 Jaipur Skincity is Rajasthan’s first F.U.E. hair transplant & best laser center. Provide services at two centers in lal Kothi and Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. It offers the best skin and hair treatment in Jaipur. Also, they are committed to providing the best quality cosmetology and dermatology services. They use the latest techniques at affordable prices with a team of experts. It has made Jaipur Skincity a well-known Cosmetology and Dermatology Center.

Dr. Sachin sharda is the Best dermatologist For –

  • Male Hair Loss
  • Female Hair Loss
  • Dandruff and Seborrehic Dermatitis
  • White Hair (Canities)
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Other Hair Diseases

Experience & Skills

  • Dr Sachin Sharda is a highly experienced dermatologist who has treated more than 1 lac patients worldwide.
  • He has successfully performed more than 3000 surgeries and various hair transplant procedures.
  • He has been trained in hair transplantation by a renowned surgeon whose name is in the world’s top ten most popular hair transplant surgeons.
  • Believes in personalized counselling and the prescribing limited necessary medications
  • He keeps himself up-to-date with the most recent techniques and tools.
  • He is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists.
  • Also, a member of the Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons, India (AHRSI).
  • He regularly attends various C.M.E. conferences in cosmetology and hair transplantation.

Dermatologist Dr.Sachin Sharda receiving Awards


Hair transplant procedure in Jaipur skincity

Dr. Sachin Sharda | Best Dermatologist in Jaipur

Dr. Sachin Sharda’s Professional Philosophy

“I always put my best foot forward to provide the best treatment to my patients through proper diagnosis and latest knowledge. I want my patients to make an informed decision, and hence, I always provide straightforward, detailed answers to their different queries.”

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What Our Patients Say

He is one of the best dermatologists in Jaipur. I have so much improvement in my acne. & staff is very supportive. I have been to many doctors but this is the best I have ever been to. The treatment was painless, the facilities are excellent, the staff is very cooperative, very friendly and soft-spoken. Moreover, the price is very affordable compared to other doctors.

Raghav Singh, For Skin Disease Treatment

This is one of the most trusted and reliable clinics I’ve ever known. All skin and hair related treatments available at Jaipur Skincity. Clinic has got all required facilities at one place – consultation, medicine , procedures, investigations – so we can easily save our time and energy . Gud experience

Kunal Sharma, For Skin Allergy

Why Choose Jaipur Skincity?

  • Jaipur skin city uses updated technology for their patients.
  • With 11 years of experience, Dr. Sachin Sharda treated 10000+ patients.
  • Provide customized treatment plans and chalks as per the patient’s requirements.
  • It is the world’s best and most advanced diode laser – lightSheer Duet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A study for the skin is called Dermatology. Hair and nails are also part of the skin, and also some sex diseases related to skin infection are in dermatology. The doctor specializes in Skin diseases treatment M.D. in Dermatology.

If you have skin-related disease or infection, hair loss problems, dandruff problems, and need some cosmetic treatments then, you need to visit a Dermatologist.
Dermatologists treat hair loss by diagnosing the problem. If the Hair is getting thin, they stop them and they increase your hair growth by various suitable treatments or medication.
Yes, Stretch Marks and scars can be removed by laser treatment.

Most people don’t care for skin infections and Hair related problems. They used to get advice from the saloon and provided Harmful cosmetics. So, a dermatologist is a specialist doctor who examines your skin type then prescribed medicine.

In Jaipur, the consultancy fee of a dermatologist is cheap and it is around ₹ 600.
Many people ignore their hair fall problems and use cosmetics for hair fall, but the most effective way is to see a dermatologist for hair loss specializing in Skin and Hair Treatment.
Treatments Offered by the dermatologist are Skin Diseases Treatment, Cosmetic Treatment, Laser Treatment, Hair loss treatment, and Hair Transplant.