Milia Removal Treatment

Milia Removal Treatment

What are milia ?

A milium is a tiny white-yellow spot that is quite hard to touch and unlike a normal spot or pimple will not usually disappear after a few days or weeks but can take months or years to fade of their own accord.

They appear at ?

Milia normally appear in clusters and are very commonly seen across the noses of new born babies but usually around the eyes and cheeks in adults. They can however be found anywhere on the face or body.

What causes milia?

Keratin a primary protein found in skin,hairs and nails geot trapped in epidermal layer of skin and forms a milial cyst.

Many events can cause the entrapment of keratin the major events are-

  • Sun damage
  • Burns
  • Injury
  • Rashes
  • Steroidal cream applications
  • Skin conditions like rosacea, dandruff
  • Genetic conditions

Are they harmful ?

They are mostly harmless they can be considered to be unsightly especially as they can take such a long time to disappear naturally.

Must Consider

There are various different types of milia, and therefore correct diagnosis by a trained practitioner is vital before going onto remove them to ensure that the most appropriate treatment is given.

What are the treatment options?

  1. Facila Peels
  2. Topical Retinoids
  3. Microdermabrasion
  4. Deroofing with the sterile needle
  5. Lasers

How they are removed?

There are several different methods to remove unwanted milia, the treatment option used will depend upon the type of milia you have as well as the location and number of milia that need removing.

The most common type of removal is performed using a needle. Once the skin with milia has been cleaned, a sterile needle is then used to create an tiny incision in the skin covering the cyst and then the contents of the milia are carefully extracted not to cause any trauma to the skin.

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