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Are you looking for the best hair transplant cost in jaipur? So look no further because Jaipur Skincity offers the best hair transplant in Jaipur at an affordable price. Jaipur Skincity’s expert dermatologist, Dr Sachin Sharda, has a record of successfully treating over 1 lac patients for hair loss issues. He is the best skin specialist and dermatologist in Jaipur, providing the best hair transplant procedure at affordable cost.

Hair transplant costs in Jaipur depend on many factors, like the type of treatment, the extent of hair loss, and the number of grafts required. If you are considering a hair transplant treatment, consider Dr. Sachin Sharda’s Jaipur Skincity Dermatology Clinic in Jaipur.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur at Jaipur Skincity

Number of GraftsFUEFUT
1000 – 1500Rs. 20000 – Rs. 30000Rs. 25000 – Rs. 30000
2000 – 2500Rs. 40000 – Rs. 50000Rs. 50000 – Rs. 55000
3000 – 3500Rs. 60000 – Rs. 70000Rs. 75000 – Rs. 80000
4000 – 4500Rs. 80000 – Rs. 90000Rs. 100000 – Rs. 110000
5000 – 5500Rs. 110000 – Rs. 120000Rs. 120000 – Rs. 130000
5500 – 6000PackagePackage

Note: The above cost is just an estimate only. To know the exact price, you can visit the Jaipur Skin City clinic at Pratap Nagar in Jaipur.

What is the Hair Transplant Treatment?

A hair transplant is a surgery to fill bold and thin areas of the head.  The US doctors were doing the first surgery in 1950, but so many changes have happened in recent years in the techniques.

In the hair transplant surgery, the dermatologist clears your scalp and injects the medicine into your head to numb your back. Then, your doctor will choose the best technique for your hair transplant. Two types of hair transplant techniques are famous at present. These techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Types of Hair Transplant Treatments at Jaipur Skincity

There are two types of Hair Transplant: –

1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a type of hair transplant involving shaving your head’s back. Local anaesthesia is given to the patient, individual hair follicles are removed from the back of the head, and tiny incisions are placed on the scalp. The hair follicles removed from the back are inserted into the incisions, and the surgical site is then covered with gauze or bandages.

2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In FUT, a strip of the scalp is removed from the back of the head, and the removed scalp region is closed with stitches. Now, the surgeon will use a scalpel to cut the scalp into smaller pieces, which can be used to separate hair follicles. These smaller pieces are known as grafts. Sometimes, a surgeon will separate the original strip of scalp into thousands of grafts containing between one and four hair follicles.

Next, the surgeon uses a needle, blade and a microscope to make small holes in the scalp for the graft transplantation. Then, the surgeon inserts grafts into the holes at the donor site, and at the end, the surgical site is covered with gauze or bandages. The treatment of FUT hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia.

 Why Choose Jaipur Skincity for Hair Treatments?


Dr Sachin Sharda’s Jaipur Skincity is the best dermatology clinic in Jaipur, which provides affordable hair transplant treatment in Jaipur. He is offered the latest FUE Technique at Jaipur Skincity and uses the US FDA-approved Safe Scribe Machine to extract follicles. Dr Sachin Sharda also created a record of successfully treating over 1 Lakh patients facing hair-related issues, and he has 15 years of experience in dermatology.

Jaipur Skincity is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Jaipur and also provides many dermatology treatments related to skin and hair. The best feeling comes when you know you are safe and will soon experience your money’s worth. Dr Sachin Sharda is a Jaipur Hair Transplant and Laser hair removal expert. So, visit Dr Sachin Shrada’s Jaipur Skincity Clinic at Pratap Nagar Branch in Jaipur to consult more about your procedures and treatment.

Why Choose Expert Dermatologist Dr Sachin Sharda

Dr. Sachin Sharda is a renowned expert dermatologist in Jaipur. With an impressive 15 years of experience in dermatology, He has gained valuable expertise in caring for your skin. This experience makes him one of the best skin specialists in Rajasthan. Dr. Sachin’s expertise is unmatched; holding an M.D. in Dermatology and VD-MBBS from the prestigious S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur.

dermatologist in Jaipur

He’s helped more than 100,000 patients worldwide, gaining rightful recognition. His affiliation as a permanent member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologists speaks to his commitment to excellence.

At Jaipur Skincity, Dr Sachin Sharda provides various skin and cosmetic treatments. He covers multiple dermatological needs, from dealing with acne scars to services like chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, mole removal, and hair transplant treatments. Dr Sachin’s commitment to personalised skincare makes him the trusted expert for anyone in search of exceptional dermatological care.

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant at Jaipur Skincity

Most hair transplant doctors in the country prefer the FUE hair transplant technique. The technique could be better, but it is relatively easy to use and requires less equipment and infrastructure. Though straightforward, the method is highly delicate and requires expertise and experienced hands. According to the patient’s circumstances, the hair transplant surgeon should choose the most practically suitable approach for the patient.

Dr Sachin Sharda doesn’t prefer any one hair transplant process at Jaipur Skincity; instead, he makes decisions holistically based on the needs of each patient. The distinctions and specific indications for each hair transplant technique are considered when selecting the method.

The cost of a hair transplant in Jaipur is meagre. However, the quality of the procedure varies depending on the facility. The top amenities and services are provided at a reasonable price by Jaipur Skincity.

To learn more, book an appointment with us at Jaipur Skincity. We want to serve you with the best and most comfortable experience of a hair transplant.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant Technique

  1. FUE technique is the permanent solution to hair loss.
  2. Saves you from unwanted and hideous surgery scars.
  3. It does not cause any Pain.
  4. Offers fast recovery.
  5. We offer this well-known and successful technique at the cost of FUT.

Major Hair Loss Patterns in Male and Females

Hair Loss Patterns refer to how hair recedes or thins on an individual’s scalp, helping doctors determine the most suitable approach for a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

  • Gender: Female hair transplants tend to be slightly costlier than male hair transplants in Jaipur.
  • Donor Area: A hair transplant from the scalp is generally cheaper than one using body hair.
  • FUE vs FUT: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) may be a bit more expensive than the traditional Strip Method (FUT) because it requires a higher level of expertise and more time and effort from the medical team.
    “But here at Jaipur Skincity, our pricing is comparable even when opting for exclusive FUE because we believe in providing affordable services for all. We provide FUE at the price of FUT at our centre.”
  • Qualification and Affiliation of Doctor: Before making the final decision for surgery, you are advised to check the staff and affiliation of the doctor. Our specialist, Dr Sachin Sharda, is an M.D.(dermatology) from a prestigious S.M.S. college and a member of the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, India.
  • Services: Modular O.T., cold LED lights, titanium punches and instruments, and permanent and fully trained staff are among the few gold-standard facilities available at our centre.
  • Hair Characteristics: This may sound weird, but your hair texture and colour play a part in determining the number of grafts required for efficient coverage of bald areas, directly influencing the hair transplant surgery cost. For example, if you have dark, thick, curly hair, less will be required to cover a bald patch than someone with fine, straight hair. This will automatically cut your procedure cost.
  • Geographic Location of the Provider: You may know that the cost of living varies in different parts of the world. So, it’s pretty usual to find surgeons from around the globe asking for different amounts. So surgery in 3 tire cities like in Jaipur would be cheaper than big metros. In the same town, surgery would cost more if the centre is located in a high-rental place.
  • Center is Franchisee or Owned: The owned centre would cost less as they need not pay fees to the doctor from outside.

Go through a detailed examination at our centre as we need to understand your hair type, the stage of baldness you are experiencing, the number of grafts required to restore the hair damage, and the final hair transplant cost.

After and Before Results of FUE Hair Transplant

hair transplant

*Disclaimer: Results may vary significantly from patient to patient due to individual differences.

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“Jaipur Skincity was the best decision I ever made for a hair transplant. I was losing my confidence because of my baldness, but now I have a hair transplant at Jaipur Skincity at most affordable price. Look 10 years younger than before. Special thanks to the Jaipur Skincity team.”
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“Very satisfactory hair transplant results, happy to get my natural hair back. Thanks, doc!”
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“I am fully satisfied with the surgical procedure of Hair Transplant at this centre. Ii appreciate their treatment with low cost.”
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Will my transplanted hair be natural or artificial?

Since your own follicles are implanted on your head, the hair transplant produces permanent and natural results.

Will my hair grow? Can I cut or shave them?

Definitely. In hair transplant hair roots are implanted which continue to produce hair as in normal condition. One can cut them, shave them, dye them and style according to his desire.

What are the side effects of hair transplant?

There is no long term adverse effect of hair transplant, only in rare cases swelling and folliculitis can be seen in short term which subsides within few days.

How many days are required for a Hair transplant?

It’s a single-day procedure (approx. 8-10 hrs.)

Will I be conscious during surgery?

Yes of course. Transplant is performed under local anesthesia. You can talk to us or listen to music during whole surgery.

When can I go back to work?

You can go back to work the very next day only.

What will be long-term care following transplant?

No extra care is required after 10 days.

Do I need to take any medicines following the Hair transplant?

No medicines are required.

How much time will it take to show proper results?

Hair will start growing within 10 days. Since growth rate of our hair is normally slow, it takes 4 months to get proper results.


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