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Hair Diseases

Male Hair Loss

What are the causes for hair loss in males?

Most common cause of hair loss in males is male sex hormones (androgenentic alopecia) which is genetically determined. Other causes include nutritional deficiency, severe dandruff, stress, infection and side effects of medicines.

When should I take treatment or consult a doctor?

Hair loss in males usually begins in early twenties and is gradually progressive. Mild degree of frontal baldness is seen in almost 90% males. Excessive hair loss (hair seen coming out while washing, combing or over pillow), rapidly progressive hair loss or visible baldness over scalp are indication for treatment. Loss of hair means loss of confidence, so consult your doctor early.

What are the treatment options?

Both medical as well as surgical options are available for treating hair loss at JaipurSkincity. After examination of patient and taking detailed history about disease a separate treatment plan is devised for each patientin early stages of hair loss, it can be treated with medicines only but those who have visible baldness surgery is the best option.

I am having completely bald patches over my head. Will my hair regrow?

Remember no medicine can regrow hair in cases with complete baldness. This is in same fashion as you cannot grow a plant without roots. So patients are advised to beware of faulty advertising over t.v. or in newspapers. Treatment should be scientifically proven. Only hair transplant is a option in bald patches to regrow hair.

Female Hair Loss

What are the causes for hair loss in females?

Most common causes include nutritional deficiency, thyroid disease, hormonal disturbances, stress, post –pregnancy etc.

What is the treatment for female hair loss?

After examining each case in detail a treatment plan is chalked out. Majority of case can be treated with medicines only.

In how much time results will be visible?

Any treatment for hair loss takes time to show result. Before starting treatment one should understand that results will not be visible overtime and one should have patience during treatment. As a rough guideline approximately 2-3 months are required to produce results although this may vary from person to person.

What other extra care is required other than medicines?

A balanced diet and stress free life style are key factors in successful treatment. One should carefully choose promotional products suggested by friends or family members or promoted over TV. Newspapers treatment should be scientifically proven.

Dandruff and Seborrehic Dermatitis

A common problem of scalp which usually flares in winter or dry atmosphere. Daily cleaning of scalp in sufficient in most cases. However some persons have severe dandruff leading to disturbance in day to day life. If dandruff is disturbing you again and again then you are advised to use medicated shampoos prescribed by your doctor.

White Hair (Canities)

In a healthy person White hair are commonly seen in thirties. However because of disease or nutritional deficiency they can be seen at an early age. White hair can be treated effectively if treatment is started early. In advanced stage treatment is difficult and complete reversal may not be possible. Nutritional deficiency is the most common cause of canities (white hair) in our country, so balanced diet including milk plays a key role in the treatment.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is characterized by patchy hair loss. Round coin like lesions are seen. It can affect any part of body including scalp. In most of the cases patient is not aware of their disease and patches are noted accidently while combing hair or somebody else bring these patches to your notice. Association with thyroid disease is common. Patient should start treatment early to prevent permanent bald patches. In most of the cases with alopecia areata recovery is complete and hair grow fully.

Other Hair Diseases

Other hair diseases including pediculosis, itching scalp, brittle hair, lusturelesshair, spilt ends, and rough hair are managed using specialized treatment. Medicines, PRP, serum therapy and hair transplant are various options available at JaipurSkincity to treat your hair disease.