Laser for Pigmentation (laser Toning)

Laser for Pigmentation (laser Toning)


Uneven pigmentation can occur when the body’s pigment-making melanocytes, the melanin-forming cells in the skin, become damaged or lose efficiency. This is a part of the natural aging process but is also a common side effect of excessive sun damage.

Aging, hormonal imbalance, and certain diseases can also disrupt melanin production, causing the skin to darken in spots or patches.

Laser toning is effective, scientifically proven and world-wide most commonly used treatment for such conditions.

Skin toning refers to the use of Q-Switched lasers for non-ablative skin rejuvenation.

What is the procedure?

In skin toning, multiple passes of low-dose Q switched Nd:YAG are delivered through a large spot size to induce sublethal injury to melanosomes causing fragmentation and rupture of melanin granules into the cytoplasm. This effect is highly selective for melanosomes and leads to overall skin brightness. Moreover, the subthreshold injury to the surrounding dermis stimulates the formation of collagen that results in tighter skin.

What can laser toning treat?

Dermal lasers are used for a wide range of skin ailments, including hyperpigmentation, red spots, dark spots, wrinkles, and a slew of other pigmentation concerns.

If you’re looking for a proven method to improve pigmentation or want to erase a birthmark or scar, you’ll definitely want to consider the latest laser treatment options, which can help address the following concerns, among others.

Melasma — If you suffer from melasma — a form of hyperpigmentation which causes brown to grey-brown patches on the face — you already know it’s one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat, especially for those with darker skin tones. laser toning effectively improves the appearance of pigmented lesions and dark spots. However, laser treatments can markedly improve melasma. To prevent recurrence maintenance is required.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation — This epidermal pigmentation condition, often referred to as PIH, generally occurs following an injury, burn, inflammatory lesion or skin disorder.

Dark spots — If you’ve noticed brown spots on your face that aren’t associated with melasma, PIH or another skin condition, they might be caused by sun damage. The right laser treatment can effectively zap these dark spots away.

  • Freckles
  • Sun Tanning
  • Elbow darkening ,Axillary darkening
  • Smoky lips or dark lips
  • Blouse neck area

What are the advantage?

  • Safe
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Less time consuming

Who is the candidate?

Laser Toning is safe and effective for all skin types, both in male and female.

How much time required?

Depending on the area coverage 30-60 minutes.

How many sittings required?

4-6 minimum, with maintenance every 2-3 monthly.

Is it painful?

Usually not although patients may experience a sensation of heat as the laser wand passes over the skin. Laser Toning, can be regarded as a medical facial done regularly for superior maintenance of skin health and beauty.

Can other procedure be combined with it?

Yes multiple other procedure as per the concern can be combined. Discuss more with the doctor.

So take that first step to younger looking skin and contact our clinical aesthetic team and see how we can help you achieve more even and radiant looking skin.


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