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Save thousands of Rupees on your Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur, and get back the authentic volume of your hair !!!

Jaipur Skincity is one of India’s prominent clinics in the field of Hair Transplantation in Jaipur & we help every year more than 200 patients to solve their hair loss problems.

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Why Choose Jaipur Skincity for Hair Transplant in Jaipur?

Our clinic offers the best hair transplant surgery in Jaipur that too at moderate prices, without compromising the quality.

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  1. Our clinic is the 1st and only hair transplant center in Jaipur, Rajasthan, offering exclusive FUE techniques. The older techniques are not even performed at the center, anymore.
  2. Our instruments are imported and we use titanium punches to perform the surgery. We use the US FDA-approved SAFE Scribe Machine for the extraction of follicles.
  3. We offer the renowned FUE technique at the price of the older FUT.
  4. The nationwide celebrated and experienced surgeon, Dr. Sachin Sharda is the one who performs the precise transplants. He has treated more than 1,00,000 skin and hair patients with satisfactory results.

The best feeling comes when you know that you are in safe hands and soon you will experience the worth of your money. So, visit our center to know more about our procedures and techniques.




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Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur?


Hair Transplant Surgery claims to be the only permanent solution for baldness and this is why all hair loss victims look up to the procedure as their only savior. If you are also planning to undergo a hair transplant in the near future, remember cost is one major factor that can influence not only your decision to opt for the surgery but also the ultimate outcome of the procedure.

How? Obviously, if the hair transplant surgery cost does not fall within your budget you would look for other affordable options. And if, for instance, you find a surgeon offering the hair transplant at an unusually low rate, quality is most probably compromised, and this way it will affect the ultimate outcome of the surgery.

Before going into this discussion let’s understand first the difference between a hair and a hair follicle.

Difference Between a Hair and a Hair follicle

Hair naturally grows in groupings of 1 to 4 hair. This group is called a ‘follicular unit’ or more commonly known as a hair follicle or a graft.

A follicular unit will contain a single hair or multiple hair grouped together, and also contains sebaceous (oil) glands, nerves, a small muscle, and occasional vellus hair, which are finer than the normal scalp hair. so keeping them intact during the harvesting process from the donor area maximizes the chances of successful regrowth once they are implanted into the recipient area of the scalp.

Hair Follicular Units Cost in jaipur

Follicular units are also referred to as ‘grafts’, so when the doctor speaks about the number of grafts required for a transplant he’s talking about the number of follicular units he can safely take from a donor to cover the balding regions of the scalp. Price of Hair and follicle units in Jaipur

Now this is the follicular unit which is the most important factor during surgery as in

  1. Deciding how many follicles are required for the coverage of the bald area.
  2. How they are harvested –by strip method or by single-single unit extraction method.
  3. Selecting the correctly sized follicular unit for a recipient-specific area in order to create the natural look and to optimize the density
  4. From which part of the body they are harvested- back of the head or other body areas.
  5. Graft handling after extraction and how they are transplanted back to the recipient area.
  6. How the surgery is charged per follicle or per hair.

Worldwide it is the “per follicle charges” is the standard way of charging. It is said that “Hair transplant surgery cost should always be based on the number of grafts transplanted, and not the number of hair because one can extract and count the number of units, not the number of hair”

Other factors which will determine your final amount are

  1. Male vs Female -Female hair transplant is a little costlier as compared to a male hair transplant in Jaipur.
  2. Donor Area – a transplant from the scalp is cheaper as compared to a body hair transplant.
  3. FUE vs FUT – FUE is a little expensive as it requires more expertise of the team. Strip Method(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE needs more time and effort from the doctor so this is more expensive than the traditional strip removal technique.
    But here at Jaipur skincity, our pricing is almost comparable even while doing exclusive FUE as we believe in affordable services for all. ut we provide FUE at the price of FUT at our centre.
  4. Qualification and Affiliation of Doctor – Before taking the final decision for surgery you are advised to check the qualification and affiliation of the doctor. Our specialist Dr. Sachin Sharda is an M.D.(dermatology) from a prestigious S.M.S. medical college and also he is a member of the association of hair restoration surgeons, India.
  5. Services– Modular O.T. table, cold L.ED. lights, titanium punches, and instruments, permanent and fully trained staff are among the few gold-standard facilities available at our center.
  6. Hair Characteristics –This may sound weird but your hair texture and color do play a part in determining the number of grafts required for efficient coverage of bald areas, thereby influencing directly the hair transplant surgery cost. For example, if you have dark thick, and curly hair, then fewer will be required to cover a bald patch as compared to someone with fine, straight hair. this will automatically cut your procedure cost.
  7. Geographic Location of the Provider – you may be aware of the fact the cost of living varies in different parts of the world. So, it’s quite usual to find surgeons based in different parts of the globe asking for different surgery in 3 tire cities like in Jaipur would be cheaper in comparison to big metros. Same way in the same city surgery would be costing higher if the center is located in a high rental place.
  8. Center is franchisee or owned:- the owned center would definitely be costing less as they need not pay fees to the doctor who is coming from outside.

Go through a detailed examination at our center as we need to understand the type of your hair, the stage of baldness you are experiencing, the number of grafts required to restore the hair damage, and know the final hair transplant cost.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

Hair Loss Patterns

Hair Transplant Cost by FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is by far the most advanced and celebrated hair transplant method. The surgeon must be very well skilled and experienced to source out each individual follicular unit. Your treatment might require more than one session to restore your lost hair.

One of the main factors, that decides the hair transplants cost by FUE is the source of the hair follicles. For example, the body hair units cost more than the transplant of head hair. You need to pay the per follicle amount which will come down to a larger number of follicles. A higher number of follicles will bring the average cost down.

Although, you must be happy to know that over the years the hair transplant cost has reduced considerably. The modern techniques and the frivolous competition have pulled the cost down.

Benefits of FUE Technique

  1. This technique is the permanent solution to your hair loss. Once, you have taken this treatment you can relax as your hair will stay the way they are, forever.
  2. It saves you from unwanted and hideous surgery scars and does not cause you any pain.
  3. It offers fast recovery. We have seen patients return back to work the same day.
  4. We offer this renowned and successful technique at the cost of FUT

Moreover, compared to strip surgery where the exact number of grafts cannot be determined before surgery, by FUE… you can know the exact number of grafts extracted and thus get the full value of money.

Dangers of Cheap Cost Hair Transplants in Jaipur

It is mandatory that you check out various doctors and clinics before taking up the right one. It is important to understand that when it comes to health the monetary issues take a back seat. Cheaper services can be hazardous for your health. In fact, you might end up spending more on getting the damages repaired.

It is not difficult to find a clinic that assures you of their quality and gives you a humongous discount too. But do not take decisions on the spur of the moment. You should do good homework before getting up in any direction.

Jaipur Skincity offers high standards hair transplant in Jaipur and never compromises the health of its patients.

Your Head, Your Decision

At the end of the day, you need to understand the complexities of hair loss and the quality of your desired result. You must make the final decision only after you have met the surgeon and got the detailed examination of your scalp and body hair done.

So, it is advisable to invest money only after thorough investigations. Your health is more important than the money, after all.

Hair Transplant in Jaipur
Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

Disclaimer : Results may very significantly from patient to patient due to individual differences.


Since your own follicles are implanted on your head, the hair transplant produces permanent and natural results.

Definitely. In hair transplant hair roots are implanted which continue to produce hair as in normal condition. One can cut them, shave them, dye them and style according to his desire.

There is no long term adverse effect of hair transplant, only in rare cases swelling and folliculitis can be seen in short term which subsides within few days.

It’s a single-day procedure (approx. 8-10 hrs.)

Yes of course. Transplant is performed under local anesthesia. You can talk to us or listen to music during whole surgery

You can go back to work the very next day only.

No extra care is required after 10 days.

Hair will start growing within 10 days. Since growth rate of our hair is normally slow, it takes 4 months to get proper results.