12 Common Myths and Facts About Hair Transplantation

hair transplant myths and facts

Many of us who are suffering from hair loss have thought of hair transplantation. But, very few people have the courage to undergo the treatment . And the reason is very straight, the common facts are not common to all. Most of us still have false notions about it. This has prevented many bald men and women to get back their hair through it.so here are the some of the most common myths and facts which one should be clear of-

Myth #1: Hairs are transplanted

Fact: it’s the hair graft which is transplanted during the hair transplant procedure.Graft holding single,double or multiple hair strands is transplanted.

Myth # 2: Someone Else’s Hair May Be Used During Transplantation.

Fact : Hair transplantation does not involve someone else’s hair .its your own hair follicle which are shifted from one part of your scalp or body which are shifted to another bald area of your scalp.You should possess healthy hair follicles to get the desired result.

Myth # 3: Hair Transplant procedure is very painful.

Fact: Hair Transplant  is done under local anesthesia. One can go home on the same day of the procedure and resume daily activities from the next day.

Myth #4: The results of a hair transplant procedure look unnatural.

Fact: The results of a hair transplant procedure are very natural looking. A good surgeon will determine the location of a single, double and triple follicles & the angle of the hair to make it look more natural.you can cut your hairs, grow them ,style them whatever the way you want just like your natural hairs.

 Myth #5: Hair Transplant will give you immediate results.

Fact: The outcome of a hair transplant surgery is noticeable in 3-4 months and to see the complete results , it takes 9 – 12 months.

Myth #6: The hair that has been transplanted will fall off.

Fact: Some people think that the transplanted hair grow for sometime and then fall off. But  the truth is transplanted hair which grow… last for a lifetime and do not fall off.  However, you must understand the natural life cycle of the transplanted hair. The transplanted hair fall 2- 3 weeks after implantation. After that, they start coming back, 10% every month to give the best results in 9-12 months

Myth #7: The hair restoration results are temporary.

Fact: That’s not the fact. We take the hair follicle from the area which is insensitive to hair fall hormone(DHT). Thus these hair follicle maintain their nature even if they are shifted to bald area.The hair that will grow from the transplanted follicles will not fall out as long as it would remain on the donor site.

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Myth #8: After transplant extraordinary care is required.

Fact: That’s not true. In fact no extra care is required except for initial few days.

Myth #9: Hair transplant surgery can affect brain.

Fact: Hair is a skin structure and we go only dermis deep not below that. It does not come in contact below skin deep structure. So this is considereed very safe procedure.

Myth # 10: Anyone can get hair transplant.

Fact: An honest and right apporach is to suggest “ do you really need a hair transplant . if not what are the alternatives? If yes how the result would be? A good doctor will examine your scalp to know the accurate measurements  of hair density and availability of hair for the transplant before recommending hair transplant surgery.

Myth # 11: It should be done at the initial stage of hair loss to get maximum benefit.

Fact: It is completely baseless. It is really difficult to predict the extent of your hair loss and to decide whether it requires any treatment. In the initial stages, even the physicians won’t be able to tell you exactly whether you need hair restoration surgery. Therefore, it’s worthier to go to the physician when your hair loss gets stable.

Myth # 12: Hair transplant is not affordable.

Fact: The hair transplant cost in jaipur depends on various factors, especially the number of the grafts that are to be transplanted. Hence, its price varies. Nowadays, the cost of machines has decreased, and the number of surgeries has increased, which has decreased the overall cost of hair transplant. Though it’s a little costly, it’s definitely affordable.

So go for it with a more positive attitude than you had before if you really want a Hair Transplant in Jaipur or anywhere in India. To get the best result, do your research beforehand – browse the internet, talk to people who might have undergone hair transplant and visit a few clinics in order to gain a firsthand understanding of how the place functions.

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