Things to consider while selecting a Hair Transplant Centre

selecting hair transplant center

Non-routinized lifestyle, too much of workload, stress and irregular sleeping pattern are some of the unknown factors to most of us, which leads to unnatural hair loss. This is not only distressing but humiliating also.

We want people to stop worrying and understand that unnatural hair fall is a curable and reversible process. Thanks to the modern science and technology in India, which has made the hair transplant in jaipur possible.

Growing hair is not the only thing that is important; one should also understand the outcome of the hair transplantation. The grown hair should look good and feel natural which is only possible by the expert doctor.

As with any health or body-related issues, there are certain things to look into and follow when choosing your hair transplant center. So, you should consider various points like –

1) Evaluation of the Doctor –Doctor’s qualification (MS plastic surgeon/MD Dermatology), Experience, AHRSI (association of hair restoration surgeons of India), membership of the Doctor – Full-time member or not, and various other credentials.

A proficient doctor will always give his best to offer utmost satisfaction and comfort, understanding your different needs and strive in fulfilling your legitimate expectations.

2) The clinic/center– Find out about the clinic whether it is a franchise or owned. In an owned center direct consultation with the doctor who is going to do Hair transplant procedure is possible, which is not possible many times in franchise clinic. This will help you in getting connected with the doctor and clearing your doubts in a better way.

Its location and establishment is another important factor to consider.

3)  The technique used for the procedure – (FUE / FUT):  

The FUE hair transplant is divided into following parts-

  • Counseling – Here patient’s objectives are discussed and realistic expectations are determined as achievable by the doctor. (Average time took 30 mins).
  • Anesthesia administration over donor site– Average time taken is 30 mins.
  • Graft harvesting in FUE technique – It is done by a doctor in FUE technique. (Average time spent is 1.5-2 hrs).
  • Anesthesia over recipient site– Average time taken by a doctor is 30 mins.
  • Hairline designing – Time spent by the doctor is 15- 20 minutes.
  • Plantation- This involves insertion of cleaned grafts into the slits. This work requires 2-3 assistants. At Jaipur Skin City they are personally trained by Dr. Sachin Sharda and working with him for many years.

So how do you get benefit with this advice-

You can determine that any good doctor would spend quality time with all his patients. In FUE doctor spends almost 3-4 hours with the patient. After all, it is very important day and important procedure.

4)  Team – Find out about permanent team members/no team from outside. What is the attrition rate of the members and how?

5)  Instruments used – At Jaipur Skin City we use S.A.F.E. scribe machine with imported punches.

6) Other facilities at the clinic – A dedicated separate sterile OT for Hair Transplant, Cold LED lights, and 100% power backup.

7)  Understand the Difference between follicle and hair– Follicle is a bunch of hair having roots in it (In Indian Population on an average 1 follicle consist of 2.5 hair thus 2000 follicle means 4000-5000 hairs). This is important because the patient gets confused between these two which make the basis of the cost. The standard way of charging surgery is based on per follicle basis.

Doing the right kind of research saves plenty of your time, money, and potential frustration. So how to do that:

  1. First of all, it is good to get recommendations of a good hair transplant doctor from people you know who have had hair transplant surgeries.
  2. If you do not know anybody personally, then surf the internet for reviews and recommendations.
  3. Think yourself- A good center should be able to answer all your queries related to cost, potential results, how long your recovery time is likely to be.
  4. The clinic should be able to provide you with enough before and after surgery photos of prior patients, thorough aftercare regime and a relaxed ambiance along with being efficient and cost-effective.
  5. Hair transplant cost in jaipur– Even though you may be tempted to choose the clinic that charges you the least, you should always focus on the points discussed and then come to any conclusion. After all, it’s a matter of your looks and you cannot take any risks.

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