Is Laser Hair Removal Painful

is laser hair removal painful

Wondering, Is Laser Hair removal painful? If you have friends who have gotten laser hair removal, you’ve probably heard their stories about it, ranging from ‘it didn’t hurt that much’ to ‘it hurts badly.’ But it’s a general thing that different people have different levels of tolerance for pain and discomfort. The same rule applies tremendously to laser hair removal. Read this blog and find out Is laser hair removal painful and why is laser hair removal so painful to few people and not to some of them!

Some people will experience little pinches and describe them as excruciating pain, and others undergo the same procedure, experience the same little pinches, and will tell you they didn’t feel any pain at all.

Most patients describe the sensations experienced during laser hair removal treatment as pinches, or like snapping a rubber band against your skin. It’s entirely tolerable, and most patients say it hurts far less than waxing, especially in the more sensitive areas of the body like the bikini line.

If you’re considering laser hair removal in jaipur, remember that having them done by a Skin Specialist in Jaipur will always be the safest method, and that dermatologists offer the highest-quality treatment and methods for your treatment areas.

Pain is a subjective thing and before we understand the pain associated, let us understand the process first-

is laser hair removal painful

A laser beam i.e. a concentrated light beam is projected at the hair follicles. As the laser beam passes through the skin, it is converted to heat energy.
The heat is picked up by melanin in the hair follicles.
The heat damages the follicles and retards further hair growth.

This means that higher the density of hair and thicker the hair follicle, more the heat absorbed and hence, a proportional increase in the pain, this is the reason why hair laser hair removal is so painful to some people!

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Why is Laser hair Removal So Painful to few and not at at all to some

Now The level of discomfort depends on the treated area, the texture of the hair, and skin.

  1. Darker skin people are more sensitive because they have more pigment, not just in the hair, but in their skin as well.
  2. Laser hair removal is painful for dark and coarse skin patients. After each treatment, the hair becomes lighter or thinner and the pain subsides, which makes it easier to handle the laser.
  3. Different body area has different pain tolerance depending on thickness of your skin. This varies even on your face (which is why, for example, you need a thicker cream around the eyes than your usual moisturizer). The upper lip is easily the most painful area, since the skin here is thinner than anywhere else on your face.  On the other hand, spots where your skin is thicker — like your chin and sideburns — the pain is way more manageable and therefore on the lower end of the pain spectrum.
  4. Use of numbing cream-  sufficient amount, good quality and proper application of numbing cream reduces the feeling of pain and make the process more tolerable. Keep in mind, though, that numbing crème can only be used on certain parts of the body prior to laser hair removal treatments. Anaesthetic cream is a medication and is only safe to use on your lip area, bikini area and underarm area. It is not advised, and may be very dangerous, to apply numbing anaesthetic cream to your large skin area like chest, back or legs. So, if you wish to have those areas lasered, you will likely need to undergo laser hair removal treatments without the benefit of numbing crème. If you have a high pain tolerance level, that won’t be a problem for you. Talk to your dermatologist to find out the best ways to minimize pain in areas where topical anaesthetic crème cannot be applied.
  5. Cold compress – the objective is to provide an analgesic effect, which makes the treatment much more bearable for the patients.
  6. The kind of laser machine and technology used- yes, the most important thing is the machine and its technology. Laser hair removal and its machines has come a long way and the treatments are usually quick enough where the pain is not much of a problem now a days. If the machine has inbuilt chill tips or vacuum probes, it allows better tolerance and omission of numbing crème thus anaesthetic medication use.
  1. Chill tips are used for smaller areas like face, where simultaneous cooling provides less pain feeling. The advantage is
  • Because of the good analgesic effect of the chill tip cooling, it is possible to increase laser energy levels by an average of 15–30%, and in most cases, with fewer side effects.
  • The work can be done quicker as there is no need for breaks to apply a gel.
  • No need of medication required.
  • The patient does not have to clean numbing substances off him- or herself, the amount of waste is reduced.

For larger body area the vacuum probe is beneficial for areas like under arms, legs, hands, chest and back. The advantage is

  • No feeling of pinches but feeling of vacuum is there which is quite bearable.
  • Vacuum probe has larger spot size which allows larger area to cover in same time thus reducing overall timing of procedure.
  • No need of numbing cream application required.

So, don’t be so apprehensive. So instead of avoiding it go and discuss to your dermatologist. What can be done, how better it can be done, is laser hair removal painful? How to reduce laser hair removal pain?

We at Jaipur skincity provide services through “Light sheer duet” diode laser with chill tip and vacuum probe. And most of our patients say that laser hair removal is worth the discomfort to end up with smooth, hair-free skin and freedom from painful waxing and plucking on a frequent basis.

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