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Looking for some great skin care tips for men? It may sound superficial, but the fact remains unchanged – people do look at you and are inclined to judge you based on the way you look. There was a time when only women used to be cautious about their beauty and skin care. Today, Contrary to the well-liked conviction, skin care is not just for women! Men’s skin care tip for nourishment is important, just as much as a woman does. Here, we have the tips on how to get clear skin for men.

Skin Care Tips for Men

#1 Understand Your Skin Type
skin care tips for men

It is often ignored by men at large when it comes to understanding the skin aesthetics, however, it’s the most important when it comes to basic daily hygiene to treat your skin and effective work on it to exude a natural glow. Figure out if you have oily, dry or combination skin.

This is not too tough to decode. Just observe the details and understand whether your oily glands are too active and secrete excessive oil the moment you step under the sun or break a sweat. This implies you have oily skin which can further lead to acne and pimple vulnerability, so, you need to take some preventive measures to get rid of this persistent problem. If your skin is often dried up and you feel like slathering yourself with oodles of moisturizer during the winters, you have dry skin which needs regular nourishment to lock-in moisture and prevents flaking of skin. If you experience a combination of symptoms, you’re blessed with a combination skin which needs minimal efforts yet it is important to take care of your skin for a long-lasting glow and shine. Understanding the skin type is the first and foremost skin care tip for men.

#2 Choose the Right Skin Care Products
how to get clear skin for men

Moving further, now that you have analyzed your skin type, it’s important to select the right skin products for yourself and use the authentic skincare brands to avoid any skin related problems. Choose products that will suit your skin type and will not be too harsh for you, it is true that men’s skin is harsh and thicker as compared to women yet choosing the rights of skin care products that do not react is equally important. Look out for organic and natural products.

#3 Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day Every day
men skin care tips

Just like you brush your teeth and floss them daily twice a day, it is important to wash your face and cleanse your skin by infusing quintessential nourishing elements to flaunt that vibrant and glowing face and trust us, this is the best skin care tip for men. You must cleanse your face twice every day in the morning and evening to detoxify and get rid of the city’s pollutants and contaminants that stick to the layers of your epidermis and start breeding.

#4 Drink A Lot of Water

Here is the secret to gorgeous skin effortlessly. Intake of 8 glasses of water daily will help flush out the toxins from your body and detoxify you naturally. This way, the unwanted toxins will be removed, and you can flaunt a clear, flawless skin.

#5 Remember 8 Hours of Sleep is Blissfull for Skin

skin care tips for men

In the hustle bustle of city life and rising competition, we know it can get extremely difficult for you to take out time to relax. However, ensure that you do not bring any work back home and invest at least 8 hours of sleep at night. It is important to let your tissues work throughout the night and produce collagen for elasticity and keep your skin tight. Quality or beauty sleep of 8 hours will help regenerate your skin cells and unravel the beauty monger in you. So, go ahead and pamper yourself with some dim lights, essential oils, aromatic candles and let the dreamy beauty sleep hit you.

#6 Treat Pigmentation and Tanning

Don’t just skip away from the serious skin care issues which can lead to severity in skin nourishment. You must treat pigmentation and sun tanning which can lead to disastrous skin related diseases. So, take preventive measures like slathering skin with sunscreen every time before stepping out your home under the sun and always protect your skin with a cloth to save your face from the UV rays.

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#7 Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the best men’s skin care tip to protect from suntan. Every doctor claim that sunscreen is the most important part of skincare regime. Sunscreen only works if you use it correctly. SPF 15 is a good start but apply it half an hour prior to stepping out of the house. If you are staying outside for longer, use SPF 30. Application of sunscreen lotion while stepping out is the best solution on how to get clear skin for men.

#8 Consideration for Shaving

If you don’t shave for a long time, dirt and dust will get accumulated within your hair roots which will also give rise to rashes, redness and the formation of blisters. If you can shave on a regular basis, it will help your skin to stay hydrated and glowing. Since the hair over your face is hard enough to get easily pulled away by razor, you must use warm water to wash the places where the hair has grown. This will make the hair soft and easy to pull out by the razor. Warm water also helps to open the pores of your skin. The next step will be to apply a light layer of pre-shaved cream. Then you can carry on with shaving procedure.

#9 Choice of Razor

oily skin care tips for men

Razor is the main article with the help of which shaving takes place. Now, it plays an important role while you are dealing with the process of shaving. Some people make the wrong choice of the razor and end up with cuts and irritation at the time they are carrying on with shaving process. There are different types of razors on the market such as razor with a single blade, double blade or triple blade. If you want to cut the hairs faster, go for razors with three blades. Skin care tip for men during shaving is to choose the razor with which you feel shaving is very comfortable.

#10 Stay Away From Skin Damage

In the want by making the process of shaving swifter, people end up with making their skin damage. Too much swift movement of the razor will be really very harmful for your skin. Even when you are applying any type of creams over your face too quickly, this can end up with damage of your skin. Thus, it is important to give enough time when you are shaving or applying creams over your face. Men’s skin care tip is to protect the skin while shaving to avoid skin cuts.

#11 Day and Night Moisturization

You also need to keep your skin moisturized all the time. When you are getting ready for office after having your shower, apply such moisturizer as well as lotion over your face and body which is specially made for the day. Again, during the daytime, you might be exposed to sunlight. Thus, it will be better to apply the moisturizer that has a sun protection factor for fair skin. Even after coming back in the evening or before going to bed, you need to apply moisturizer to your face after a throughout the wash and cleaning step. Even if you have cuts or irritation due to the effect of shaving, this can be easily sorted out with regular use of moisturizers. It is better to have such products in the market that have Vitamin E, Shea butter or other essential oils. Use day and night moisturizers creams which is the best way on how to get clear skin for men.

#12 Fight Acne

These days most of the men have a serious problem of acne due to a pimple break out. It looks equally unattractive at the way women with pimples and acne looks. Thus, treatment for acne is an important consideration even for men. Meeting the doctor is one thing everyone does but to complete the recommended treatment is the thing which should be considered. Don’t avoid it just ask the expert.

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#13 Proper Skin Friedly Diet
face skin care tips for men

The food that you are consuming also defines your skin tone. People in the habit of consuming junk food along with oil and spices made in pollutant environment are likely to suffer from dull and unattractive skin tone. You can only get the flowing and attractive skin if you can consume healthy food loaded with lots of fruits and vegetables. It must have enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

#14 Protect Your Skin Against Helmet

You know that helmet saves your life, while you are riding a bike. As a bike rider, you always put on your helmet. However, while it is not a branded helmet, your facial skin and forehead will get tanned. Helmets may cause infection and rashes on your skin. You can place a cloth piece between helmet and skin. So, save your skin and your life with this simple Tip for men’s skin care.

#15 Ice Massage

Take small blocks of ice and massage your skin with it. This will help you to get back the glow of your skin. Thus, when you get time, you can apply ice for a clear and fair skin.

#16 Give Up Bad Habits

Men have a tendency to adopt unhealthy habits including smoking, drinking which can lead to severe health hazards and also reflect the same on your skin. The under eyes and your lips are worst affected. Smoking leaves your lips dark and the delicate layer of under-eyes appear to be saggy and puffy. So, if you really want to unravel the glowing skin, quit such bad habits and say yes to the healthy lifestyle by embracing yoga, fitness, healthy food and spread the cheer.

#17 Consult Dermatologist

Once in a while, take an appointment with your Dermatologist in Jaipur Dr Sachin Sharda and take their advice for its important to understand your skin health just like your body health. If you got a sunburn or facing hyperpigmentation issues, it’s always better to seek a professional advice. So, go ahead and take a call.

Hope you now know how to get a clear skin care by following these best skin care tips for men.

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